The Road to FIRE with some trips on the side.

  • As of 2020–11–22, Debt Update: ₱145,830.35
  • As of 2021–05–27, Debt Update: ₱53,455.83
  • As of 2021–07–10, Debt Update: ₱0.00 Fully Paid!
  • Maintaining proper budgeting and expense tracking. I use the app YNAB to help me do this, because it taught how to budget with only money that I already have.
  • I’m saving up for an emergency fund of 3 months first, then later add 3 additional months as I meet target. I computed my expenses to include essentials, insurance, and savings to ensure that even when I end up without a job, I can sustain the same financial activity for a given period. My 3 months reserves will total ₱70,000.00. I will reach ₱21,000.00 by end of July paycheck. I keep this in a high interest savings account (CIMB at 3.00% p.a. — whereas other banks range between 0.50–1.25% p.a.; I made a mistake of opening CIMB before GSave, so I can’t integrate to receive the 4.00% p.a. rate)
  • As of 2020–11–09, E-fund Update: ₱32,000
  • As of 2021–05–27, moved from E-fund to True Expenses: ₱117,981.50
  • As of 2021–07–10, True Expenses: ₱113,385.75 (Bought my new glasses).
  • I purchased 2 insurance policies. 1 strictly for life, the other with an investment component. I pay a total of ₱5,555.00 a month for both for a period of 10 years. I’m 7 months down, and 9.5 years to go. (Switched to semi-annual for 1 plan bringing down monthly cost to ₱5,373.33)
  • I played around GCash’s investment feature through ATRAM. I only have about ₱1,300.00 and gained about ₱8.50 in interest. (Scrapped and moved to Seedbox + PERA)
  • I opened up a COL Financial investment account for only ₱1,000.00 also to get familiar with the stock market, index and trade funds. I already earned ₱2.50 out of it. (Scrapped and moved to Seedbox + PERA)
  • Because my debt isn’t actually institutional, I’m not pressured to pay due to rising interest expense. I pay between the range of ₱5,000.00-₱8,000.00 on a monthly basis, but aim to go more aggressive with it as my income increases.
  • Explore other ways to diversify revenue streams. (Added GoTrade into my investment mix.)
  • Reach ₱70,000.00 emergency fund by July 2021. (Goal met)
  • Explore retirement and mid to long term investment accounts: BPI/ BDO PERA, SSS PESO, Pagibig MP2, etc. Begin contributions when emergency fund is full. (PERA active, MP2 active, PESO application submitted yet to be activated)
  • Attain debt free status by November 30, 2022. (Moving forward to November 30, 2021); Attained on July 10, 2021




Trying to turn my spoken thoughts to written thoughts. Here are insights about my adulting adventures.

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Gab Hollero

Gab Hollero

Trying to turn my spoken thoughts to written thoughts. Here are insights about my adulting adventures.

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